2586 Low Wynwood Miami

All in white leather and split calfskin Nail: red paint Lace: black lurex Insole: covered in natural leather, height 3 cm. Cubication Treatment: Wynwood Miami Inspired Graphics Based on 2595 Low Okinawa Model

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The average shoe size in the world has changed a lot over the decades. Here’s how the evolution of the average woman’s shoe size looked: at the beginning of the 20th century, the average size was 35, in 1950, it was 36, in 1970, it was 37, and today, the average size of a woman’s shoe is 39. Men’s shoe sizes have also changed a lot. Years ago, the most common sizes among men were 39-40 but today, the average shoe size of a man is 43. So what do you think will happen in 50 or 100 years? According to experts, human height is growing due to healthy nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals. Along with our height, we are also gaining weight which means that our feet have to withstand more weight, so naturally, our feet are growing in size along with our height and weight.

Did you know that, according to the American Orthopaedic Association, women often get the wrong shoe size? What does this mean? You must be wondering how someone could wear the wrong shoe size as it’s very painful and uncomfortable. Even light pressure in the foot can prevent normal blood flow and cause foot deformity. Sometimes, when you first put on a pair of shoes, they seem comfortable and you feel no pressure. But after wearing them for a longer period of time, you start to feel an unpleasant tension in the foot. This proves that your shoes are too small. In order to avoid this, measure your foot first. Also, after purchasing a pair of shoes, wear them at home for a bit and make sure that they’re suitable for you and that they really are comfortable.

With the growing popularity of online stores, consumers are increasingly choosing to conveniently shop online. You can dress up from head to toe without even stepping foot outside. You may have thought that you can only buy a beautiful dress or an elegant handbag online but now, you can also buy shoes without worrying about choosing the wrong size. If you spot some single, most beautiful shoes online, don’t let the fear of choosing the wrong size stop you from buying them! Instead, just measure the length of your foot and hurry to enjoy that new pair of shoes! So how do you reduce the risk of choosing the wrong size and instead get the perfect size? We would like to share our experience with you and give you some of the most important tips which will surely help you choose the correct shoe size when shopping online.

At Okinawa, each footwear model is closely inspected. We pay attention to the essential differences in size and attributes. 

IT Lenght Width
9.3 Inch (23.7 cm)
3.1 Inch (7.9 cm)
9.5 Inch (24.3 cm)
3.2 Inch  (8.1 cm)
9.8 Inch (25 cm)
3.25 Inch  (8.3 cm)
10.1 Inch (25.8 cm)
3.3 Inch  (8.5 cm)
10.3 Inch  (26.4 cm)
3.4 Inch  (8.7 cm)
10.6 Inch (27.1 cm)
3.5 Inch (8.9 cm)
10.9 Inch  (27.7 cm)
3.55 Inch  (9.1 cm)
11.1 Inch (28.3 cm)
3.6 Inch  (9.3 cm)
11.4 Inch  (29.0 cm)
3.7 Inch  (9.4 cm)
11.6 Inch  (29.6 cm)
3.75 Inch  (9.5 cm)
11.9 Inch  (30.3 cm)
3.8 Inch  (9.7 cm)
12.2 Inch (31.0 cm)
3.4 Inch  (9.8 cm)
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