IstitutoMarangoni+Okinawa: Shaping the Future of Design

Angelo Lupis, in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni, embarks on an exciting new venture aimed at fostering creativity and innovation among the future leaders of design. The project, which spans over a three-month period, invites students to immerse themselves in the creation of the “Art Walk” project communication, from graphic design to branding.

Working in groups, students are challenged to explore their creativity and apply their knowledge in various aspects of the project. This is a comprehensive task, requiring not only artistic flair but also a keen understanding of branding and communication strategies. The objective is to create a compelling and coherent vision of “Art Walk”, one that successfully merges the worlds of street art, sneaker design, and sustainability.

At the end of the project, the students will have the opportunity to present their work to a panel of professors. This is more than just an exercise in evaluation; it’s a platform for students to showcase their talent, their ideas, and their understanding of the project. The panel will then decide on the group that most excellently embodied the spirit of “Art Walk”, awarding them with a prize and the recognition of their achievement. This project is not only a competition, but an opportunity to learn, to innovate, and to contribute to the future of design.

The Man Behind the Design

Angelo Lupis, a veteran in sneaker design, boasts a career spanning over twenty years in the industry, during which he has changed the rules of the game with his creativity and ingenuity. He is the creator of the famous Ishikawa and Okinawa models, sneakers that have become synonymous with style, quality, and innovation. This design enthusiast, with his keen eye for detail and avant-garde vision, continues to shape the future of sneakers, always on the lookout for new inspirations and challenges.

From Ishikawa and Okinawa to Miami: A Journey of Inspiration

When Angelo moved to Miami, he discovered a new world of artistic inspiration. The city is an effervescent melting pot of cultures and styles, but what truly captured Angelo’s imagination was street art. The colorful alleys, the bold murals, the graffitied surfaces telling stories: all this ignited a creative fire in him, leading him to conceive his most recent project, “Art Walk”.

“Art Walk”: From the Street to Art

The “Art Walk” project is a tribute to the street, to the art that transforms urban surfaces into vibrant canvases of life and color. The idea was born in the Wynwood district, which today represents the hub of the world’s street art, where murals can be admired both on foot and through hop-on hop-off bus tours. This project does not simply celebrate street art; rather, it aspires to unite this powerful artistic medium with the refined art of sneaker design.

Customization 2.0: Uniqueness and Sustainability

But Angelo does not stop there. With his insatiable desire for innovation, he takes the concept of customization to a higher level. He introduces “customization 2.0” through cubication, combining art, design, and sustainability. This process employs eco-friendly materials, such as vegetable film and water, to create a unique, unrepeatable, and environmentally respectful product. The resulting sneakers are much more than a simple pair of shoes: they are wearable works of art, each one different from the other, each a unique piece.

Wynwood Collection: A Tribute to Street Art

The first collection of the “Art Walk” project draws inspiration from the Wynwood district of Miami, famous for its extraordinary street art. This line of sneakers captures the essence of Wynwood’s murals, reflecting the shapes, colors, and energy of urban art in every detail. It is a tribute to street art, but also a homage to the city of Miami, with its vibrant spirit and limitless creativity.

Future Vision

“Art Walk” is not just a project: it is a vision of a future where art, sustainability, and fashion can coexist in harmony. Angelo Lupis continues to work, dream, and innovate, carrying forward his mission to combine design, art, and sustainability into a unique product. His vision is not just to create sneakers, but to contribute to shaping a more creative and sustainable future.